For something that's supposed to make you feel so good, running can create a lot of angst.

When it's going well, you feel amazing. Proud of yourelf. Like a total rockstar.

But when it's not?

Defeated, frustrated, ashamed.

You wish it could be easier to stay motivated, keep your Inner Mean Girl quiet, and be excited.

Everyone makes it look so easy, so why is it so darn hard for you?

If only you could ask a coach for advice - but who has $300 a month for that?

RUN YOUR BEST LIFE is the answer.

A brand new type of coaching experience that will get you unstuck and turn you into a determined, dedicated woman who runs three times a week, no matter what.

Who sets a goal (maybe a 5K, maybe a marathon!), chases it down and achieves it like a boss.

Who isn't worried about what anyone else thinks because knows she's a total badass.

You'll stop dreaming of what it would be like to be a real runner and start DOING IT.

RUN YOUR BEST LIFE is not just another running group, where you post selfies about your workouts.  

We are going to do some serious work - on your running and your whole life:

  • Get you running more often, faster, farther and stronger.  
  • Picking big goals and knowing for sure that you'll achieve them.
  • Silencing your Inner Mean Girl.
  • Feeling confident, proud and self-assured.

But most importantly, this group will change everything for you.  


What happens when you join?  

It’s simple. 


  • Enjoy running AND stay motivated to run consistently.
  • Be part of a community of runners exactly like you.
  • Feel proud, confident and strong.
  • Learn how to use running to make your life better
  • Improve your fitness and strength - and even drop pounds and inches too.
  • Follow through on your goals - like doing that 5K, or half marathon.
  • Be able to keep up with your kids.
  • Learn to love your body.
  • Become a real runner.


  • See just how much you’re capable of
  • Stop feeling like you’re just not meant to be a runner
  • Put yourself first for a change
  • Have more fun when you exercise
  • Tell people you’re a runner and be proud of it
  • Stop feeling so ashamed of your body
  • Stop feeling so anxious about races
  • Stop giving up on yourself

What's included?

Everything you need to start running, stick with it, and make it a permanent part of your life:

Weekly live coaching calls

Times vary each week to make sure all time zones are covered.

All calls are recorded so you never miss a thing!

Training plans for all levels

5K to marathon and everything in between!

Brand new beginner or experienced runners - we've got you covered.

NEW! 2018 Challenge

Run, walk, swim or bike 2018 miles in 2018 and get a custom NYAR medal!

Stay motivated and focused with the support of the FB group.

Bonus podcast content! 

Each week get exclusive content to help you implement what you're learning on the NYAR podcast - only available to Run Your Best Life members!

Your very own life coach

Running is cheaper than therapy! 

With a life coach, you'll learn how to use running to get amazing results in all areas of your life.

Strength training routines

A strong runner is an injury-free runner. 

Simple, easy, home-based video strength routines for all levels will boost your performance!

Private Facebook Group

Keep in touch with your fellow runners and check in with the coach as much as you need to - the group is there to support you!

Six Week Online Program 

New to running? Use the 6-week beginner program to jumpstart your progress with training plans and videos to make sure you do it the right way.

Here's the deal - your investment is just $49 a month.  


Yep, that’s all.  

Because I want EVERYONE to run. It’s that much of a life-changer.  

That's why I’m making this group so affordable it’s an absolute no-brainer of a decision. 

There are no contracts. No commitment to stay in for months and months.  

But once you see how much your life’ll want to keep going.  

Join now and get IMMEDIATE ACCESS TO: 

Start Running in the Body You Have Right Now - the original 6-week online video course (a $98 value)

Download all three best-selling e-books (a $40 value):

  • Running With Curves
  • Not Your Average 5K
  • Not Your Average Half Marathon

Injury prevention webinar exclusive to members (a $49 value)

Entry into the 2018 challenge - run, walk, bike or swim 2018 miles and earn a custom NYAR medal at the end of the year! (a $35 value)

TOTAL: $232 in bonuses that are yours to keep!


Join right now and get instant access to the 6-week online course, all three e-books and the injury prevention webinar!

Then prep yourself for the live coaching calls:

Download beginner 5K, 10K and half marathon training plans right away. 

Watch the no-equipment-needed strength training video routines right now.

Start the 30-day Plank Challenge today.


PLUS: Access to the Facebook group where you can start getting coached right away!